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E-Mart Home improvement centre Carpets
1.  Insulation The carpet fibres trap small air pockets that retain heat longer, so not only does a carpet feel warmer and more comfortable underfoot than a smooth floor covering, it helps a room retain as much as 10% more heat. The dense pile of a carpet and its backing layer act as heat insulators. 2.  Affordability Modern synthetic fibres make today's carpets about the most affordable and stylish floor covering choice you can make. The décor and design possibilities with carpeting are endless and its sheer softness, elegance and comfort make it ideal for all areas of your home. 3.  Sound Absorption Carpeting virtually eliminates impact noise, as this is absorbed almost immediately, ensuring that the ‘life' of noises in a carpeted environment is only half as long as one where smooth floor coverings have been used such as wood and tile floor. 4.  Easy Maintenance Carpets are a practical, hard wearing and easy to install, easy to clean and requires minimum effort to maintain.
With a range of different styles, sizes, colour and textures decorating your home with a elegant yet stylish carpet could not be easier. Why choose carpets over tiles?